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The Azores

These 9 volcanic islands were discovered by the Portuguese in the 15th century and are located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, 1.600 from Lisbon and 2.454 km from North America.  


They are clustered into three groups:

1) the Eastern Group includes Santa Maria and São Miguel;

2) the Central Group is composed by Terceira, Graciosa, São Jorge, Pico and Faial;

3) and the Western Group integrates Corvo and Flores. 

The capital of São Miguel Island is Ponta Delgada, here people speak Portuguese and the official currency is the Euro. 


The Weather


All year round it is never too hot and never too cold and the rainy season is more likely to occur between November and March. Due to the high humidity, in the summer temperatures are usually felt hotter than what is actually measured and in the winter real feel can seem cooler than advertised.


When visiting the Azores, be prepared for unpredictable weather and rapid changes. The islands are known for having four weather seasons in one day! It is possible to have a nice suntan in Winter lying under the sun but on the other hand, it might be necessary to wear a raincoat for a few minutes in summer when some clouds invade the islands.  

In short, annual temperatures may vary between 16ºC (59ºF) and 27ºC (80ºF). Average temperatures in Winter vary between December and March, don't reach below 13ºC (55,4ºF) and in the Summer they don't go below 18ºC (64,4ºF). 

For swimming lovers, the ocean temperature can be a pleasant surprise, ranging from 17ºC (63ºF) in the Winter to 25ºC (77ºF) in the Summer!

For those who love the Beach or are passionate about Flowers, the best time of the year to visit the islands is between June and October. For nature fans, anytime from March to October is a good time!

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How to get to the AZORES


There are many options to Ponta Delgada (PDL) in S. Miguel Island either by direct flights or through stopovers in Lisbon or Porto.

Search the best alternative with:

If you are planning to visit any other islands of the archipelago there are plane and boat options.

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